Ruth Intro

The book of Ruth was more than likely written by Samuel. Titled after its primary character Ruth, who lived during the time of the Judges. This time period is described as a very ungodly and ruthless time period. Men were doing what seemed right in their own eyes, not following after the commandments of God.

Ruth was a Moabite woman. Her people were the primary oppressors of Israel in her day. Dating around 1370-1041 B.C., Moab was a great oppressor of Israel. In fact, a couple hundred years earlier Balak, king of Moab enticed Balaam to try and curse Israel. Why Elimelech took his family to the land of their oppressors only God knows. We know that a famine in the land drove them out of their own country (1:1). Had Elimelech not left, Ruth would never have married Elimelech and Naomi’s son and later move back to Bethlehem where, Ruth would meet Naomi’s close relative and kinsman redeemer, Boaz.

We find at the end of the book that Boaz and Ruth are the great grandparents of David, king of Israel. Later, in the gospels they appear in the genealogy of Christ.