Revelation Intro

From the Greek word, apokalypsis, it litterly means, unveiling or uncovering.

As God “unveiled” the creation all things we know today in the book of Genesis, or Beginnings, God unveils another beginning. It is the beginning of things as God designed and planned, apart from sin. However, in order for things to become new, what now exists must come to an end.

Revelation is a mysterious book. It is full of more questions than answers. However God did not leave us completely in the dark. Many churches refuse to even teach from the book of Revelation because of the “unknowns”. But God wanted us to read it. He wanted us to be aware of the things that must shortly take place.

Revelation is not as mysterious and “unknown” as many may think. In fact, God gives us answers to all of our future estates, both for the believer as well as the unbeliever.

The only unknowns in Revelation are clearly spelled out in words like, “it was like”, or “as”.

We may not know when these things will take place, but we do know what will take place.

Interesting facts in Revelation:

1. Pay attention to all the references to the number 7. There are more 7’s in revelation than anywhere else in the Bible

2. There are 404 verses in Revelation; 278 reference Old Testament text. You may want to study up on the Old Testament when diving into this Book.

As promised by God Himself, be blessed in the reading of this book.