Proverbs Intro

The name is what says, Proverbs, or wise sayings.

Many people, even Christians unfortunately, mistake the entire Bible as a bunch of Proverbs. Although chocked full of wisdom and very wise sayings, the Bible is living and full of life, not just “sayings”. There is history, prophesy, and lessons for us to learn from.

The Proverbs were written by at least three authors that we know of: Solomon, being the most commonly known, Agur the son of Jakeh, and Lemuel’s mother.

If there would be one common underlying theme throughout the book of Proverbs it would be, learn wisdom and gain understanding. As Christians we should constantly be learning from God’s Word and gaining wisdom through applying it in our daily lives. Solomon says the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Let’s start there and grow in wisdom through our understanding of Him in practical daily living.

Quoted 5 times in the New Testament, with 2 Messianic prophesies