Numbers Intro

We get our English title from the Greek, Arithmoi. In Hebrew it is called, Bəmidbar…Translated…”In the desert”.

Numbers is a very detailed account of God preparing His people to enter the promised land. God has Moses take a census of the people, both of the Levitical priests and of the men who are of age to go to war. God is preparing them to trust in Him.

The Israelites will fail along their journey in a terrible way when spies are sent in to the land of Canaan. In fact, the book of Numbers ends with an entire generation of Israelites needing to die in the desert without inheriting the promised land in order for the next generation to learn to trust in God. We should learn from their mistakes as well.

God is always before us on our journeys through life’s droughts. However, like the Israelites He does require our faithfulness and commitment to obey Him, no matter how bleak things may look. He never promised us an easy journey, just that He would be there with us along the way. And we need to trust in Him to guide us through.

Quoted twice in the New Testament, with one Messianic prophesy