Matthew Intro

Named after one of the twelve apostles, Matthew does not get much attention in the Gospels, not even his. This should be a testimony to the authorship of God when the attention is not on the writer but rather the author.

Also known as Levi, he was a Jewish tax collector. Much like today, tax collectors don’t seem to be the most welcomed people in social networks. This would have made him a perfect candidate for a disciple of Christ, alone and not very liked. Can we relate to that? He would have probably placed much of his worth in who Christ was and in following Him.

Written probably in his aged years, long enough for God to work in him, it is estimated that the Gospel was written after 50 A.D., some 20 years after Christ left the scene.

Being a Jew, Matthew’s Gospel is going to greatly focus on the Messiah-ship of Jesus as God.

Often quoting from the Psalms, Matthew references Messianic scriptures fairly often.