Luke 24 – On the road to Emmaus


Alexander Graham Bell once said, “The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

In a society that seems to be hitting us a thousand times a day from all different directions it can be difficult to find the ability to focus on any one thing. Deuteronomy 6 tells us to always have a mindset that is focused on the LORD and His word. Paul said to pray always without ceasing. Jesus said to set our minds on things above. It’s not easy in a world that seems to be moving faster and faster in all directions and demanding more and more from us. The stress and the pressure can really get to a person.

In Luke 24, we read where it is possible amidst chaos to find time to focus on the Lord. On a half-day’s journey to Emmaus, two disciples of Jesus were walking and talking with one another. And they weren’t talking about the World Series or the latest pair of sandals on the market. These two disciples were focused on the things that had just happened regarding the Lord. Their attention was on Jesus. What that got them was a personal Bible study with the Lord Jesus Himself.

Jesus could have appeared to anyone that day. His first day resurrected and He chose to walk half a day with two guys that weren’t even among His closest disciples. These guys had such a focus on Jesus that it must have burned in Jesus’ heart enough to make them His second visit that day. Even when Jesus acted as if He were going to walk on past them, they’re hunger for the word and communion with another over God’s word had them compelling Jesus to stay longer.

Jesus stayed long enough to bless their meal and show them Who it was they were communing with all along.

We can learn from these two disciples a few things:

  1. Are we finding time to commune with Jesus, whether alone or with others?
  2. Are our thoughts focused on Him?
  3. Are we communing with the people who will help us keep our focus on the Lord at all times?

God’s word will not burn in our hearts unless our lives are focused on Him