Luke 22 – Are you in the game?


Someone once said that “Enemies only attack to stop you from making progress, and nobody gets tackled while sitting on the bench.”

Often times I will hear Christians talk about how Satan is to blame for troubles in their life yet I don’t hear about anything they are involved in for the LORD. It makes me wonder if Satan even knows they exist. I wonder if he knows I even exist. In pro football everyone knows the all-stars; the ones who make all the plays. But few know the offensive tackles who open holes for the all-star running backs or keep the defense from tackling their all-star quarterback. Even fewer can name the third string back up offensive tackle or the practice squad tackle.

In Luke chapter 22, Jesus told Peter that “Satan demanded to have you so he can sift you like wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith doesn’t fail.”

Being recognized for something is great. Keep in mind however, only those who are actively participating with solid effort are going to get anyone’s attention. Also keep in mind that getting the attention of the right crowd (namely Christ) will also mean drawing the attention of the wrong crowd (namely the devil and his clan).

If you are desiring the attention of God and Christ and want to be used greatly for His kingdom, then you should keep a few things in mind;

  1. Just like a coach won’t play a player that doesn’t practice or study the playbook, neither will God use a Christian who doesn’t study the bible and put his faith into action.
  2. You don’t want the enemy passing you by because he didn’t recognize what team you played on or because he thought you were just an inactive bystander.
  3. You certainly don’t want to hear the enemy say “who are you?”

Peter was willing to take on the challenge. It was obvious because Satan had his eye on him, just like he did with Job. But whoever Satan has an eye on, you can count on Jesus having an eye on as well.

So how do you view yourself? Are you a bystander, practice squad participant, or bench warmer? Or are you a player the enemy needs to watch out for?

We can all be all-stars in Jesus’ game. Only this game is real. It’s a battle for souls. If you aren’t on the enemy’s radar then you should be, but you have to get in the game first! We can’t be successful if we aren’t playing. Wayne Gretzky once said “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” If you don’t get in the game you won’t be missed…by either side.

Get up and get active! Start by studying the playbook (the bible) and putting to practice the play calls (walking according to His word) and count on God calling on you to get in the game. Yes, being involved will get the attention of the opposite team. Yes, the defense is going to be looking at how to disrupt your play. But know this; we play for a coach with an undefeated record! If you are willing, He will use you on His team, just like Peter. You might get knocked down and injured once in a while, but at least you’ll be in the coach’s eye!