Intro to Nehemiah

Originally named “Second Ezra” in the Septuagint, it has been separated in the English and titled after the person whom the book is mostly focused on, Nehemiah. Although written from the first person perspective, it is traditionally accepted that Ezra was the author of this book.
Probably written sometime some 20 years after the events of Nehemiah, this book was more than likely written between 424 B.C. and 415 B.C.
Nehemiah means “Jehovah Comforts”. Although much of the book is about strengthening, encouragement, and much stress and difficulties with keeping things inline for Nehemiah, the comfort I believe came from God through Nehemiah to the returned remnant of Israel. Comfort sometimes comes through strong leaders that don’t always make us feel good through correction.
Wayward people only make the work of leaders more difficult and challenging. But there is comfort in knowing that leaders are ultimately trying to do what is best for all. Nehemiah’s final words were a plea to God to remember him in all his efforts.
Nehemiah is a great book to challenge both the Christian to be obedient and the leader to be strong and faithful to the Word no matter what confronts them. Hebrews 13 is a great New Testament chapter that supports Nehemiah.