Intro to Ezra


Ezra is a historical book. Written by the scribe of whom the book is titled, Ezra more than likely penned this letter around 450 B.C.
Ezra is fascinating on several levels simply because it depicts the fulfillment of prophecy from God to Jeremiah some 150 years earlier (Jer.25) and again roughly 200 years earlier through Isaiah in chapters 44 & 45. God warned his people of impending captivity if they would not repent and turn from their wicked ways yet, Israel and Judah turned a deaf ear to the warnings.
True to His word, God took both Israel and Judah away for the determined 70 years that he warned them of (until the land had it’s rests) from approximately 605 B.C. to 537 B.C.. Learning from that lesson, both Daniel and Ezra were familiar with God’s promise to return His people to the land He promised to Abraham and eagerly anticipated their return.
Upon return, they faced harsh opposition in the building of the temple and the city yet, in his zeal for the Lord (most likely due to witnessing the fulfillment of prophecy), Ezra encourages the people to press on in their task and sparks a renewed revival for their commitment and faith in the God of Israel.
Ezra marks another pivotal point in Israel’s prophetic history, the beginning of the 70 weeks prophesied by Daniel in      chapter 9 when Cyrus made the decree to return the Jews to Israel to build the temple.