Intro to Esther

The title takes its name  from the main character in the book, Queen Esther. Esther was a Jewish woman who was selected to marry king Ahasuerus. His name is the Hebrew translation of the Persian name, Khshayarsh, otherwise known by the greater as king Xerxes the great (his Greek name). King Xerxes is best known for his great victory over the Greeks in 480 B.C. in the battle of Thermopylae.
King Xerxes was the fourth king to rule over the Persian Empire. He succeeded Darius. Xerxes reigned between 486 B.C. and 465 B.C. His reign would have been 100 years after Judah was deported to Babylon, 53 years after the Medo-Persian Empire conquered Babylon, and roughly 12 years before Ezra returned to Judah with the second round of exiles to return to Judah.
The book of Esther covers the time period of 483-473 B.C., roughly 8 years before King Ahasuerus was assassinated.
Although the book of Esther has nearly no mention of God at all, it is clearly a perfectly placed book in the canon of scripture as one that shows the works of God through the eyes of man; whereas the book of Job (the very next book) shows the works of God through the eyes of God.