Intro to 2 Samuel

Although the title is ascribed to Samuel, it is highly unlikely he wrote 2 Samuel being his death is recorded in 1 Samuel 25. It is probable that either Nathan or Gad, the other prophets continued his writings into the reign of David.

It is probable that 2 Samuel was written some time after 930B.C., after the reign of Solomon, simply because of the reference in 1 Samuel 27:6; “Therefore Ziklag has belonged to the kings of Judah to this day.” The events of 2 Samuel however occurred between 1000B.C. and 970B.C. and covers the entire reign of king David.

2 Samuel is not just a book to be read, it is a book that should be meditated on and studied by Christians. It is chocked full of examples of both the sovereignty and grace of God through David’s life. And for good reason, David is a pivotal reference point in man’s history which foretells of and establishes the ultimate rule and reign of our sovereign Lord and king, Jesus Christ. As far as men go, David is the most spoken of man in the Bible aside from Jesus Christ. He is mentioned 53 times in the New Testament alone. With that being said, a Christian can have a much better understanding of the New Testament references to Christ’s rule and reign when they understand it through the life and reign of David.