Exodus Intro

We get our English name from the Greek translation meaning, going out. However, the Hebrew word for Exodus is Sh’mat, meaning, names.

Both are excellent names for the  same book. In Exodus you get the “going out” of the people of Israel from Egypt and the “name” of the only one true living God.

Exodus starts with the slavery of Israel in Egypt and the birth of Moses, God’s conduit for delivering His people from slavery and, ultimately for delivering His law. From a family of 70 entering Egypt to a family of over 2.5 million leaving Egypt just over 400 years later, God reveals Himself through many signs and wonders.

Exodus not only covers the parting from Egypt and the parting of Red Sea, it covers God’s ordained holidays and feasts for Israel, including the Passover, the precursor to God’s perfect Passover Lamb, Jesus Christ.

God sets in place His plan to move the Israelites from Egypt to their future home in the land of Canaan; a distance of just over 300 miles; A distance that should not have taken more than two weeks to travel.

However, typical of sinful man, we always seem to choose the most difficult paths in life. And like typical man, Israel chose a path that took them nearly 40 years and 50 stops to cover before entering the Promised Land.

Quoted 33 times in the New Testament, with 10 Messianic prophesies.