Daniel Intro

The first book in a list of what are known as the “minor prophets”, Daniel is one of the most widely known stories in the Bible, even to many nonbelievers.

Set between 590-580 BC, Daniel is writing during the Babylonian captivity of the Jews. In Deuteronomy, God warned the Israelites that if they did not carefully follow His commands and turn to follow the debauchery of the land, that He would remove them from the land He was giving them.

Warned by prophets before Him time and  again, the Israelites ignored God’s warnings and continued to “live it up”. Much like the world we live in today, the Israelites were living in the moment because things were good. Not heeding God’s warnings, God allowed Babylon to come in and destroy Israel, take away their land and their people. Among those who went away into captivity, Daniel and his three friends.

The book of Daniel covers tremendous miracles, like the three friends in the furnace, as well as some of the most name and date specific prophesies in the Old Testament. To the day, Daniel prophesies of the coming Messiah and His departure. In his 70 weeks prophesy, God also reveals to him a little bit about His return.

You will need to put the thinking caps on with this book and do some digging.

Quoted 4 times in the New Testament, with even a special visit from Jesus Himself; also known as a Christophany.